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1TRACKER was developed by WEBAPPZ Systems, Inc., www.webappz.com, a Canadian-based company, specializing in the delivery of innovative, secure, web-based applications for the business needs of companies today.

The concept arose as a solution to time, expense, and billing issues faced by WEBAPPZ, and its clients. Facilitating communication, dealing with satellite offices, improving workflow, tracking time and expenses, incorporating multiple currencies, reimbursing expenses, accessing corporate information remotely, reporting, and managing invoices and payments were just some of the common problems companies wished to address.

WEBAPPZ undertook the task to deal with these issues along with several others, and the result is 1TRACKER - an enterprise class, 100% web-based, user-friendly, easily scalable, time, expense, and project tracking system that incorporates billing and payment management functionalities. 1TRACKER is a team-sustained effort to provide a high quality solution that addresses the growing needs of companies in the professional services sector.

Taking into account the changes in technology, the growing use of the internet, security management issues, and the need for facilitated information exchange, WEBAPPZ's team designed its 1TRACKER solution as a web-based application, providing extreme flexibility and functionality, and incorporating a high standard of security measures. The solution is offered to companies in two ways, subscription model (EXT), and licensed model (packaged solution), to accommodate different company infrastructures.

1TRACKER provides companies with the tools needed to improve communication and maximize productivity, by freeing employees from time-consuming tasks, and enabling them to focus their efforts on activities that add value to the company.

WEBAPPZ's line of available products are all built with functionality, security, and quality, in mind. From developer tools to sophisticated business applications, you can be assured that with WEBAPPZ, reliability, flexibility, and scalability of its solutions are second to none.

As part of WEBAPPZ's ongoing commitment to delivering quality, secure, web-based applications, our team participates in continuing education and professional development to ensure that our customers can achieve the most benefit from the IT development tools and technology available in the market. We are always welcome to any comments or suggestions for improvements, regarding any of our products.

For more information about WEBAPPZ's line of products and services, please see http://www.webappz.com.