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Business-defined 1TRACKER Set-up

1TRACKER offers three levels of customization for your business - Administrative Level, Managerial Level, and User Level

Administrative  Level

  • Define password management rules for all users associated with 1TRACKER. Passwords can incorporate both alpha and numeric characters, and minimum character length can be defined. Password expiry dates enforce regular password changes.
  • Specify internet access for your business. Restrict or permit users to specify wider internet access. Restrict or permit IP ranges. Control the amount of risk exposure for your business, through firewall management.
  • Create security groups for your business. Attach functions to these security groups to reflect different user access levels.
  • Specify different layout choices that 1TRACKER users can select from, for their personal user interface style. Add or modify layout keys, date and number formats, fonts and colors. Templates can be added with ease. Provides control over application user-interface.

Managerial Level

  • Incorporate your company logo so it appears on all statements generated by 1TRACKER.
  • Specify your office week start, base currency, applicable local taxes and their rates.
  • Define names and codes of office worktypes and expense types, which appear in timesheets, statusreports, expensereports, and bills.
  • Incorporate pre-established worktype/expensetype terms and codes to ensure a smooth transition, and minimize migration time, as workers continue to use familiar names, roles, and titles.
  • Enter sellable products (if applicable) for your business. Maintain skus, product information, and pricing details.
  • Define currency exchange rates for currencies relevant to your business.
  • Define the periods (quarterly, monthly, fiscally, etc) relevant to your business.
  • Establish standard rate sets for your office. These are re-usable worker population and rates templates, which can be applied to any period-defined external projects.
  • Specify holidays observed by your office.
  • Create billing templates for use in your office, which can be customized at all levels - office, client, project, and individual billing level, using personalized salutation and closing text.

User Level

  • Customize your application interface by setting personal preferences, such as date and number formats, fonts, and layout style.
  • Set your own application inactivity time-out to meet individual security needs. Increases user security awareness and accountability.
  • Manage your own password, with the option to change it as desired or needed.
  • Define your personal IP authentication rules to meet your required security access level, in accordance to internet access defined for the business.
  • Update your own personal contact information, with 1TRACKER's self-service feature.