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  • 1TRACKER is easily scalable from few to hundred thousands of users, single to multiple servers, anytime, without any loss in its performance.
  • 1TRACKER is developed on WebObjects&trade, one of the leading multi-tier application servers. Object-oriented in architecture, WebObjects&trade is highly scalable and supports high transaction volumes.

1TRACKER Server Features

Below is a brief overview on the capabilities that make 1TRACKER an extremely reliable and scalable application.

Supported Platforms & Technologies

Web Services Standards Supported Servlet/JSP Standards Supported Deployment Platforms Third-Party Application Servers Database Servers Web Servers






Mac OS X Server v10.4.5 or later

Windows 2000 Server SP3

Solaris 8


Apache Tomcat 3.2.4 and 4.0.5 or later

BEA WebLogic 7.0 or later

IBM WebSphere 4.0.4 or later

Oracle 8.1.7,, 10g, or later

Sybase ASE 12.5 or later

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or later

OpenBase 7.0.8 and FrontBase 3.6 or later

SSL is recommended

Sun ONE Web Server 6.0 SP2 or later

Apache 1.3.9 or Apache  1.3.26 or later

Microsoft Internet Information Server 5.0 or later

Streamlined Web-Page Generation, Flexible Deployment

Database Independence Stand-alone J2SE Server XML Interchange Servlet Integration

Enables 1TRACKER clients to replace their underlying database by simply updating the model, without changing any code

Allows 1TRACKER clients to customize 1TRACKER's object model to integrate with their particular application without having to modify their database

Supports the seamless incorporation of multiple databases into 1TRACKER's object model

Runs on virtually any Java 5, Standard Edition, 1.5 virtual machine application

Lets us easily add servers using a variety of pre-built scheduling mechanisms

Automatically restarts instances and connections as needed

Supports J2EE technologies including an Object Request Broker (ORB) and an Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) container

Allows 1TRACKER client's application to easily consume and generate XML data streams

Integrates with Apache SOAP for web service generation

Interoperates with other XML-based applications

Generates dynamic SMIL for use in multimedia applications

1TRACKER deploys to virtually any J2EE application server

Lets you access the 1TRACKER page generation and automated data access capabilities via Java Server pages (JSP's) or Servlets

(The above specifications are based on WebObjects, by Apple Computer Inc.)