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Easy Expense Tracking

  • Simplified expense tracking with 24/7 availability and universal access.
  • Multi-currency feature enables expenses in mixed currencies to be handled in one expensereport.
  • Easily enter and track travel, accommodation, meals, and other customizable expensetypes.
  • Specify unit-defined costs for various expensetypes, such as mileage or meal allowances.
  • Apply an overhead margin on expenses for a specific project.
  • Internal charge-backs and external billing are handled quickly through automated expense tracking.
  • Buy and sell exchange rates feature allows all exchange losses to be billed to the clients, unless the business specifically has a policy to absorb the conversion losses.
  • Streamlined approval flow expedites expense approval process and reduces employee expense reimbursement time.
  • Handling errors caused by paper-based expense approval methods are eliminated.