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Compound Timesheet - click image to open

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  • View multiple timesheets within a specified period, for one or more workers, clients, projects, or the entire office in a compound timesheet summary table.
  • Select from a number of different combinations  to drill down to the information you require about a client, project, worker, or time period, and view everything you need to know in one report.
  • Select from various display parameters to customize your compound timesheet view.
  • Codes and full length name formats are supported for individual viewing preference.
  • Provides monthly timesheet view, if needed.
  • Vertical stack feature enables easy compound timesheet printing for archival purposes.
  • Generate weekly or monthly reports for your entire office, a specific client, project, or worker.

Payment History - click image to open

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  • View payment history reports by client, project, or whole office.
  • Access reports on accounts receivables and past revenue.
  • Aging summary, in multiple currencies (if applicable), provides managers with a quick overview of any outstanding billing amounts, in calendar days. 
  • Generate payment history reports for account reconciling, client/project management, or for internal archiving.

Activity Detail Reports

View detail activity reports for any of the following:

  • All Timesheets - Billed and Unbilled
  • Unbilled Timesheets - Work in Progress
  • All Internal Timesheets
  • All Timesheets (in total hours)
  • Time from External Timesheets
  • Time from Internal Timesheets
  • All Fixed Projects - Billed and Unbilled
  • Unbilled Fixed Projects - Work in Progress
  • All Statusreports
  • All Internal Statusreports
  • All Expensereports - Billed and Unbilled
  • Unbilled Expensereports - Accounts Receivables
  • All Internal Expensereports
  • All Expensereports (in base value/pre tax amount)
  • Money for External Expensereports
  • Money for Internal Expensereports
  • All Expensereports (in employee reimbursement amounts)
  • Money for not Reimbursed Expensereports
  • Money for Reimbursed Expensereports
  • All Bills - Paid and Unpaid
  • Unpaid Bills - Accounts Receivables
  • Paid Bills - Past Revenue

Accounting Reports

View the following accounting reports:

  • General Ledger
  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and Loss
  • Journal Entries
  • Chart of Accounts

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