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1TRACKER EXT 4.0.5 Pricing & Purchase Options

1tracker ASP

Pricing Information

  • Pricing varies according to the number of employees using the application
  • Each employee using the application requires a license
  • Licenses are transferable and additional licenses are available any time
  • Nominal start-up fee and a month-to-month activation charge
  • No contract length and absolutely nothing to install
  • Pricing Calculator: USA | Canada | Renew USA | Renew Canada

1TRACKER EXT Price Details
CA$1 US$1 Euro1
Account Set-up Fee
   - per account2



  • A one-time only initial set-up charge
Monthly Subscription Fee
   - per user2
   - per user2 discount3
   - per user2 actual3



  • Easily scale up or down to meet your company's needs
  • Reduced for companies purchasing a license for greater than 50 users, at one time
Monthly Activation Fee
   - per account2



  • Applies to the entire company
  • Independent of the number of users
  • Fee reduced for longer subscription periods
  1. All customers will be charged in Canadian Dollars. US Dollar and Euro pricing is for reference only. The actual currency exchange rates will be calculated by your credit card provider, at time of purchase. For exchange rates, please refer to Bank of Canada. Canadian customers are charged additional Goods and Services Tax (GST) at 7%.
  2. 1TRACKER's security management application, bizDAV, refers to an account as a 'Business' or 'Biz' and to a user as a 'Person' or 'Login'.
  3. Summer Special - represents a 10% discounted price. Offer valid until October 31st, 2006.

Save money when you sign up for a longer period: your monthly activation fee will be reduced.

Period Monthly Activation Fee You Save Annually
CA$1 US$1 Euro1 CA$1 US$1 Euro1
ONE MONTH 33.00   30.00   23.50   N/A N/A N/A
THREE MONTHS 24.75   22.50   17.62   99.00 90.00 70.71
SIX MONTHS 16.50   15.00   11.75   198.00 180.00 141.43
ONE YEAR 8.25   7.50   5.87   297.00 270.00 212.14

For convenience, try the pricing calculator: USA | Canada | Renew USA | Renew Canada

Purchase Options

For your convenience, all 1TRACKER EXT purchases up to 50 users can be processed online through our secure online purchase, using your credit card. If you prefer, you can also make your 1TRACKER purchase by telephone, through a 1TRACKER sales representative. When you are ready to make your purchase selection, click here to sign up now, if you haven't yet registered. After the sign-up process, you will be able to log into bizDAV to purchase a license. If you already have signed up, then please use your existing log in information (personal & business) to initiate your purchase. If you require assistance regarding your 1TRACKER purchase, please contact a 1TRACKER sales representative toll free at 1-877-APPZ-WEB (1-877-277-9932), or send an email to .

Special Pricing Options

1TRACKER offers attractive pricing options for companies purchasing licenses exceeding 50 users, at one time. Please contact a 1TRACKER sales representative toll free at 1-877-APPZ-WEB (1-877-277-9932), or send an email to .

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