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Bates & Young Business Consultants Ltd. - Project Management Consulting Company

Bates & Young is a Canadian-based project management consulting company that assists its clients to achieve sustainable bottom-line results, through improved management and workflow processes.

Current Working Method:

The company works on both local and international projects, and works with its clients at every level from planning to execution. Consultants work from the office, at the client site, or remotely, and work on time or milestone-based projects.

Company's consultants work variable hours and often work with multiple clients and on multiple projects, during any given week. Consultants record time and expenses both manually and by computer, using office-defined templates.

The company bills its clients in the client's billing currency. Some of the company's expenses are associated with a mark-up percentage. Client projects are sometimes associated with a fixed project fee. The per hour billing charges depend on the experience of the consultant. Clients are billed monthly or by project milestones. Buy and sell rates are used to address currency exchange issues.

Consultants working away from the office incur expenses, for which they must submit an expense form with receipts, for reimbursement. Employee expenses must be converted to the office's base currency for reimbursement. Consultants must submit their timesheets and expense forms every week to their project managers for approval. The approved reports are sent to the office's administrative staff, who then sort through the paperwork and enter this information into the office's computer system.

Client and project reports are generated, quarterly, for review and budgeting purposes. Information must be maintained securely, to maintain the company's competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Paper timesheets, timely report submission, variable billing rates, slow approval process, and expenses reimbursement present numerous problems to the administrative staff who are faced with:

  • Huge paper piles of timesheets and expense forms
  • Incomplete, illegible, or incorrectly entered expense forms
  • Untimely submission of timesheets and expense forms
  • Considerable time sorting through the submitted reports
  • Repetitive data entry
  • Billing errors due to delays and manual calculation errors
  • Monthly cross-referencing of timesheets, expense forms, and bills
  • Several un-integrated methods to deal with the company's business activities
  • Month-end time constraints
  • Ongoing document filing and storage
  • Thousands of dollars in missed billings

1TRACKER addresses these problems effectively and increases the productivity for the company, resulting in improved business operations and better client relationships.

The company's international business operations require the following to be addressed:

  • Remote access
  • Streamlined time and expense tracking
  • Detailed expense reporting
  • Multiple currencies
  • Client/Project summary reporting
  • Employee expenses reimbursement
  • Fixed project fees, overhead margins, fixed costs
  • Currency exchange rates for buying and selling
  • Flexible billing
  • Security

1TRACKER offers the flexibility, functionality, and accessibility to meet all of this company's international business operation issues.

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