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1tracker EXT

WEBAPPZ makes it easy for you to try out its 1TRACKER software and to see, for yourself, the quality, security, and functionality that make 1TRACKER one of the most advanced web applications in the marketplace today.

We've provided our demo users with an example demo company, to demonstrate how 1TRACKER addresses day to day business operation issues. The demo company has been pre-configured, so there are existing workers, clients, projects, timesheets, expensereports, bills, and payments. A brief overview of the demo company and a list of workers, including user id's and passwords will be provided to you when you sign up for the demo. This information allows you, as a demo user, to experience 1TRACKER from different company user perspectives.

When accessing the demo company, you are free to view, create, or change timesheets, statusreports, and expensereports. You can experience how 1TRACKER manages invoicing and bill payments. You can also view the administrative side of 1TRACKER or generate various reports. With the 1TRACKER demo, you can access all the functions that 1TRACKER has to offer. At any one time, multiple users may be accessing the 1TRACKER demo. As such, you will be able to view how the application would run in your own company, with multiple users.

To get started with the 1TRACKER demo, you must first sign up. This takes less than five minutes and when all the information has been processed, you will be able to access the 1TRACKER demo through your internet browser, with your user id and password. If you have already been through the sign up process, then please use your existing log in information (personal & business) to access the demo.

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Demo User Agreement

As a demo user, you agree to use the demo for evaluation purposes only and are strictly prohibited from using the demo to store any real company data. You also agree that you will not knowingly attempt to dismantle, alter, or corrupt the online demo. Any malicious attempt, as determined by WEBAPPZ, will immediately cancel your individual access to the online demo. All user activity will be recorded and time stamped, and is traceable to your browser's computer IP address and user id.

1TRACKER Demo Disclaimer

At WEBAPPZ, we have made an effort to enter representative data for the demo, and to protect the integrity of the data. However, due to the nature of the online demo, we cannot be held responsible for any errors, omissions, changes, or data entry, by any demo users, which could result in errors to the application, or loss of database integrity. WEBAPPZ will, at its discretion, monitor the demo database to ensure that the demo and its data are properly maintained.

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