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1TRACKER EXT 4.0.5                

  • An online service hosted through the application service provider model, and made accessible to users through an internet browser. No software to install.
  • Ideal for companies looking to benefit from a web-based service, but prefer not to self-host or lack the infrastructure needed to host the application.
  • Subscription model - monthly/annual subscription allows you to purchase the number of licenses required, and scale up or down, according to your business needs.
  • Your data is securely stored in a powerful Sybase database, the industry standard for reliability and scalability.
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1TRACKER BOX 4.0.5               

  • A packaged solution, inclusive of software and hardware, with all components installed in one computer.
  • Suitable for companies who prefer to run 1TRACKER within their firewalled network, over their own local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN),  but don't want the added work of configuring the system themselves.
  • A user-based licensing structure that requires the customer to purchase the appropriate number of licenses to support the number of employees using the software.
  • Your data is securely stored in a powerful Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.5 database, known for its reliability and scalability for integrated solutions.
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1TRACKER CUSTOM 4.0.5        

  • Client-specific customization of 1TRACKER to meet additional functional requirements, and/or installation of 1TRACKER on the client's own server.
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