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WEBAPPZ's 1TRACKER is a 100% web-based time, project, and expense tracking, billing, and payment management system for professional service providers, such as consulting, accounting, legal, architectural, and interior design firms

Any project-oriented, task-focused company whose employees are charged out on an hourly or daily basis, and are required to keep track of incurred expenses, can benefit from using 1TRACKER. With 1TRACKER, managers and personnel have direct access to time tracking and billing, anywhere in the world, anytime. Patent-pending timekeepers facilitate weekly timesheet maintenance for multiple projects and/or tasks, through the use of real-time tracking. Document approval flows allow mass approvals to be done in minutes instead of days. PDF printing allows for universal, consistent printing. From easy time and expense tracking to impressive detailed reporting, 1TRACKER provides users with more time to concentrate on value added tasks and offers an alternative to using several usually unintegrated solutions to perform routine tasks.

1TRACKER is a web-based application, which runs through an internet browser. There is no need to purchase or install any other software. Depending upon your company, 1TRACKER may be installed on your company's web server or it may be accessible to your employees via the application service provider model, hosted by WEBAPPZ, externally (EXT). The application is available 24/7 and incorporates a number of security features to ensure that information is kept secure and only those authorized to use 1TRACKER can access the application. Whether working at the company site, or remotely, 1TRACKER provides the conveniences of automated time-tracking, easy report entry, a streamlined and quick approval process, and real-time billing.

The 1TRACKER Advantage - What Makes Us Better?

1TRACKER is a concise point solution specifically designed to address everyday time and expense management issues of small to medium sized businesses in the professional services sector. It is a very easy to use, web based, robust, seamless application, capable of handling all your company's demanding time, project, and expense tracking, billing and payment management issues. From simplified data entry to sophisticated reporting, 1TRACKER has the flexibility to meet the different business needs of companies, today. It is easily scalable, supporting few to thousands of employees, without compromising on performance, reliability and security.

1TRACKER offers:

1TRACKER vs. Professional Service Automation (PSA) Applications

Many of the time and expense tracking applications available in the market are offered under the broad category of professional services automation solutions. These solutions are heavily integrated with functionalities ranging from project management to payroll to customer relationship management (CRM), and promise to be a one-stop solution to all your business management issues. The result is an expensive, generic solution that, at best, provides a partial solution to your unique problems.

Some of the common problems with such generic applications are slow deployment, complex features, a confusing array of functionalities, increased learning time, office downtime, employee dissatisfaction, and costly, avoidable investments in unnecessary components. An average desktop user rarely uses more than 10% of the functions in their productivity packages.

In comparison to these heavily integrated PSA applications, 1TRACKER is a point solution developed to address the specific problems faced by service-oriented companies in their time, project, and expense tracking, billing and payment management activities. 1TRACKER incorporates an easy to use interface, requires minimal learning time, provides a high level of functionality, and offers quick deployment time.

With 1TRACKER, you get one integrated system that eliminates redundant data entry and inefficiencies. From time and expense entry, to billing and payment management, and accounting - everything can be handled with ease through 1TRACKER.

1TRACKER vs. Custom Designed/In-house Developed Applications

Custom designed/In-house developed applications are generally expensive solutions built to a company's exact needs. These applications address the company's specific problems, but at a heavy price. Companies invest in and deviate time and resources from their expertise areas to support supplementary activities, in which they have little or no experience. The result, in the long run, is an amateur designed application that does not contribute to the company's bottom line. Issues of limited functionality, narrow outlook, scalability, performance, security, and breakdowns are frequently seen in these applications. There are additional issues of availability of ongoing support. Such development activities are generally treated as internal projects and once the application is deployed, the team is dismantled and assigned to the company's next project. This results in maintenance and support issues, and lack of upgrades.

By contrast, 1TRACKER is the result of sustained efforts of a highly qualified team, devoted to addressing time and expense tracking issues routinely faced by professional services companies. 1TRACKER offers easy accessibility, functionality, advanced security, regular upgrades, and dedicated customer service. With 1TRACKER, you get the best return on your investment.

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