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Accurate Time Tracking - Keep track of your time to the last second with automatic timekeepers. Eliminate data entry errors with the auto calculation feature, and ensure timely submission and quick approval of timesheets.

Easy Expense Tracking - Facilitated expense tracking, support for multi-currencies, buy/sell exchange rates feature, overhead margins, and fixed per unit costs give you the flexibility to handle all project-related expenses.

Streamlined Approval Flow - Automated sequential approval flow, integrated approval and feedback notifications, and facilitated mass approvals add convenience and speed to your office's approval process.

Integrated Payment Tracking - Track, monitor and manage all your payment related issues from full payments to interest charges to returned cheques.

Compound Timesheets - Get a consolidated, period-specific view of all your timesheets, for one or more clients, projects and workers.

Population and Rate Sets Matrix - Assign workers to projects and specify individual billing rates. Supports multiple billing rates per employee.

Agent Worker - Designate a worker who can create timesheets, expensereports, or statusreports on behalf of other workers.

Accounting Integration - Easy and accurate data transfer of your data into your accounting system.

Support Options - Need help? We've got an array of support options from online help, quickstart guides, and reference charts to direct phone and email support.

Value Added Functionality - A host of useful functions that save time and increase work efficiency.

Real-time Reporting - Electronic real-time data entry, reporting, and updating provides for enhanced visibility of projects, between managers, employees, and clients.

Business Reports - Select from timesheets, statusreports, and expensereports to project, client, billing, payment, accounting reports, and more.

Data Archives - Obtain period or date range-specific archives of company's activities and reports, for quick and easy reference.

PDF Printing - Dynamic PDF printing enables you to print real-time professional reports from any location, having access to an internet browser.

Detailed Client Billing - Generate invoices to encapsulate timesheets, expensereports, products sold, fixed project fees, discounts, and applicable taxes.

User Friendly Interface - Graphical, easy to use, organized interface to ensure quick learning time and smooth navigation.

Online Help - Complete online page-specific help documentation enables users to find information quickly and easily.

Sophisticated Security Infrastructure - A number of security measures and features, from application to network security, and more, to ensure a completely secure solution for your business.

Web Based - 100 % web based. Access and work with real-time data from anywhere, anytime. All you need is a web browser, no additional software and hardware installation required.

Scalability - Easily scalable from few to hundred thousands of users without any performance inefficiencies.

Business-defined 1TRACKER Set Up - Administrative to user level customization, encompassing password management, defining office worktypes, expensetypes, base currency, local taxes and percentages, currency exchange rates, selecting date and number formats, personal user interface style, and more.

Client-specific Customization - Flexible relational database design facilitates virtually any client-specific customization.

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