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Value-Added Functionality

  • Standard Rate Set - A re-usable template of rates and worker populations that can be applied to one or more external projects, in all defined periods. Instead of entering billing rates and worker populations for each project, an established standard rate set can be re-used. This feature improves efficiency by eliminating repetitive data entry.
  • Auto Calculation Feature - Timesheets, statusreports, expensereports, compound timesheets, bills, and activity reports incorporate this time-saving feature, eliminating manual calculation errors.
  • Skills Tracking - Worker-specific details, resumes, and past and present work activities can be accessed at any time, by project managers, leading to better utilization of the company's talent pool and successful teambuilding.
  • Pick Feature - Optional automatic date entry feature that allows you to select the day, month, and year from a pop-up calendar. Calendar provides for quick and convenient date selection and reduces manual data entry errors.