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Streamlined Approval Flow

  • Users can conveniently view all reports due for approval/correction, on their 1TRACKER home page, at each login time.
  • Integrated approval notification reduces email clutter.
  • Timesheets, statusreports, expensereports, and bills follow a hierarchal approval flow - Worker>Project Manager>Client Manager>Account Manager, with the last two approvers as optional.
  • Comments can be entered when approving or rejecting the reports. Workers can review comments and address any rejection issues, expediting the re-approval process.
  • Rejected reports are instantly sent back to the originator of the reports, and are available for correction the next time the user logs into 1TRACKER.
  • Timesheets and expensereports must be approved by all concerned parties, prior to including them in client bills.
  • Bills must be approved by all parties, prior to applying payments.
  • Project managers can quickly view the approval status of all reports applicable to them, and address any overdue approvals with the associated worker.
  • Mass approvals can be performed in minutes instead of days.