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Compound Timesheets

  • Centralized employee time entry option provides convenient time tracking and expedites data entry.
  • Editable compound timesheet allows the convenience of timesheet entry for one worker and all applicable client projects for that worker.
  • Quickly and easily enter time using the compound timesheet, which provides weekly or monthly data entry views.
  • View multiple timesheets within a specified period, for one or more clients, projects, and workers.
  • View compound timesheets for both billed (non-editable) and unbilled (work in progress) timesheets.
  • Provides managers with a quick overview of time incurred on various client-projects, or for one or more workers.
  • Generate a single cumulative report detailing the total time incurred by your workers, for different worktypes and projects.
  • Users can specify the sorting order of the compound timesheet parameters (client, project, worktype, worker, scheduled vs. unscheduled). The compound timesheet will be displayed, grouped, and totaled according to the order selected.
  • Horizontal and vertical views provide users with different viewing and printing options to meet individual preferences or needs.