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Timesheets - Click image to open

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  • View timesheets by worker, project, and date range.
  • Empower users with the ability to enter, access, and manage their timesheets online, from the office, client's location, or home.
  • View timesheets in two modes, sheet mode and narrative mode. Sheet mode gives you a numeric summary of the time spent on activities in that time period. Narrative mode provides you with a text and numeric summary of worktypes performed and time incurred.
  • View and approve timesheets, in real-time.

Statusreports - Click image to open

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  • Provide detailed project-related information about timesheets, detailing activities completed, percentage of work completed, and hours/days remaining.
  • Communicate managerial issues, identify project-issues, plan future activities, address work completed, and monitor project progress.
  • Include statusreports with your client billing package to provide clients with detailed project activity reports.
  • Generate project-specific statusreports for internal archiving and/or project management.

Expensereports - Click image to open

        expensereport detail screenshot   open PDF document    expensereport summary screenshot   open PDF document

  • View expensereports by client, project, worker, or for your entire office.
  • Expense reporting facilitates the approval and client billing processes, and expedites the expenses reimbursement cycle.
  • Users can select one currency or mixed currencies to represent the "buy value" of foreign expenses appearing in their expensereport.
  • Each expense entry details the date, expensetype, page number (for cross-referencing receipts), vendor/units, expense amount, exchange rate (if applicable), converted currency amount (if applicable), local tax (if applicable), total expense amount, and a description. 
  • Overhead margins, and fixed per unit costs, such as mileage, are supported.
  • A "sell value" can be entered, which allows you to bill any exchange losses to the client, if desired.
  • Managers can view all expenses to be approved, on one page.
  • Detail and accounting summary reports are available to meet different user needs.

Billing Reports - Click image to open

           bill screenshot   open PDF document

  • View billing reports by client, project, or for the entire office, and also by paid or unpaid bills.
  • Client bills can be generated for projects, based on time and expenses that have been submitted by employees.
  • Bills display details according to what has been selected in the billing options section. Show as little or as much detail as needed for your client invoicing. Create different invoice types for different clients.
  • Bills can be customized with personalized salutation and closing text.
  • Generate billing reports for internal client invoicing, project management, or internal archiving.

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