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Welcome to 1TRACKER QuickStart, v4.0.5, a secure, user friendly, web-based application for your employees to enter and keep track of their time, expenses, project progress, bills, payments, and related reports. 1TRACKER works together with its security management application, bizDAV, which is the starting point for specifying the basic information needed to give your employees access to 1TRACKER. This document will provide you with an overview of how to configure bizDAV and 1TRACKER so that your employees can access and start working with the applications.

This document consists of the following sections:

  • 1TRACKER Sign-Up - This section provides new customers with information about how to get access to bizDAV and 1TRACKER once they have signed up for 1TRACKER EXT. 
  • bizDAV Setup - This section takes you through the steps to enter your office's general business information, add employees into the system, and assign your employees application access privileges.
  • 1TRACKER Office Configuration - This section outlines the steps required to set up your office so that your employees can start using the 1TRACKER application.  

1TRACKER Sign-Up      

This is your first point of contact to bizDAV/1TRACKER. This is where you will define your business with yourself as the 'HQ Person'. If you have already performed the Sign Up process previously, you don't have to repeat it. Once you have signed up, you may purchase a license in bizDAV for the 1TRACKER application. All that is needed to associate employees with 1TRACKER is a license for the desired number of users. When you subscribe to 1TRACKER EXT, you will be provided with a license key accessible to you, through your internet browser. Click here to sign up now.

bizDAV Setup

Your office's business information and HQ Person are automatically entered into bizDAV when you sign up with 1TRACKER EXT. The HQ Person is a person who has full administrative privileges for your business. In bizDAV, your company's HQ person can manage passwords, set application security, add employees to the system, maintain employee details, create/manage security groups with different functions, and specify different layout choices available for your bizDAV-managed applications.

All users entered into bizDAV have access to this application. Specifically, each user can view and select their personal profile settings, and view personal audit log information. Beyond this, an individual's access level to the functions defined in bizDAV, is determined by the security group/s the user belongs to.

To get started with your bizDAV Setup, WEBAPPZ suggests the following steps:

  1. Start your choice of internet browser and enter the following URL: http://1TRACKER.com, for the 1TRACKER website home page. Click Log In . The 1TRACKER/bizDAV log in page will appear, with various options.
  2. Click the bizDAV Log In button. This will take you to the bizDAV application log in.
  3. Enter the user id and password, which was given to you. Once you have logged in successfully, you will see the bizDAV application home page.
  4. Click the Business icon to set up your office-wide firewall and password management rules.
  5. Click the Persons icon to add employees and enter a user id and password for those employees who will need access to 1TRACKER and bizDAV. The password can later be changed in bizDAV by your employees, if they choose.
  6. Click the Groups icon to assign your employees to security groups or to create a new security group. Your employees will now have access to bizDAV and 1TRACKER. Every person must belong to a security group that has the function, Worker or Client Login, in order to log in to 1TRACKER.

Factory Preset Security Groups in bizDAV

Security Group Functions
HQ Persons
[bizDAV] Maintain Persons; Maintain Groups; Audit Log
1TRACKER Super Users
[1TRACKER] Maintain Projects; Worker Login; Maintain Office; Maintain Workers; Maintain Clients, Maintain Rates; Browse External Reports; Browse Internal Reports; Browse Worker Reports
[1TRACKER] Worker Login
1TRACKER Client Approvers
[1TRACKER] Client Login

*You may create additional security groups, with different combinations of functions to meet your company's individual access level requirements.

1TRACKER Office Configuration

1TRACKER must first be configured prior to your employees having access to the 1TRACKER functions made available to them, in bizDAV. Those persons in your business, who belong to a group having the function, Maintain Office, will be able to specify the basic configuration of your office and administrative details, such as office settings (which will be applied for all workers), week start, base currency, any local tax and percentage, server time difference, worktypes, expensetypes, currency rates, holidays, standard rate sets, and periods. This is where you can add persons from BPM to your list of workers. You can also add clients and projects here, along with pertinent details, and can specify worker populations and billing rates.

To configure your office, you must perform the following steps, in the specified order:

1. Start your choice of internet browser and enter the following URL: http://1TRACKER.com, for the 1TRACKER website home page. Click Log In . The 1TRACKER/bizDAV login page will appear, with various options.

2. Click the 1TRACKER Log In button. This will take you to the 1TRACKER application log in.

3. Enter your user id and password. Once you have logged in successfully, you will see the 1TRACKER application home page. The home page also displays the office set up steps, for quick and easy reference. These steps will appear on your home page, until your office configuration has been completed.

4. 1TRACKER's 11-Step Set Up Process:

4.1 Maintain your Office

Here, you enter your office's administrative settings - Name properties, Address and Communication  properties, Localization properties, Billing Defaults, and select your company's logo to appear on all 1TRACKER statements. This is an extension of the information entered for your Business in bizDAV.

4.2 Maintain your Office: WorkTypes

Enter the worktypes relevant to your business operations. A minimum of 2 external and 1 internal is required.

4.3 Maintain your Office: ExpenseTypes

Enter the expensetypes relevant to your business operations. A minimum of 2 is required.

4.4 Maintain your Office: Currency Rates

Define the currency exchange rates for currencies you wish to manage for your business operations. Optional, can perform later.

4.5 Maintain your Office: Holidays

Specify the holidays observed by your company. Optional, can perform later.

4.6 Maintain Workers

Add persons from bizDAV to your list of workers. Click the Add button to view a list of persons you can add to 1TRACKER.

4.7 Maintain your Office: Periods

Create periods for your business operations. These should be used for time-based changes in rates, costs, project assignments, and reports. Optional, can perform later.

4.8 Maintain your Office: Standard Rate Sets

Establish standard rate sets for your business operations. These are office-defined billing rate schedules and worker populations that can be applied to any projects. Standard rate sets must first be defined in order to apply worker billing rates to them.

4.9 Maintain Clients

Add clients to 1TRACKER, and enter pertinent details. Clients are the foundation for all projects.

4.10 Maintain Projects

Add projects to 1TRACKER, and enter pertinent details. Projects are always associated with a client. Workers can be assigned to a specific project, in this step, or to one or more projects, in Step 4.11.

4.11 Maintain Populations and Rate Sets

Assign workers to standard rate sets or non-standard rate set projects, and enter billing (charge-out) rates, which appear in the Rate Sets Matrix. Workers must be assigned to a project in order to create timesheets, statusreports, and expensereports for that project.

Once the above steps have been performed, 1TRACKER is ready for use by your company. Your employees can now create timesheets, statusreports, expensereports, and bills, track payments, and generate reports.

Note: If your employees need to access 1TRACKER remotely, their firewall settings should be configured to give them any additional required access. This could mean adjusting the firewall settings for the business, and/or your employees customizing their individual firewall settings, beyond what has been specified for the business. Your employees can configure their firewall settings in the bizDAV application, to meet additional access needs.

Customer Support

If you require further assistance beyond what is available online, our customer service and support team is ready and able to help you through the start-up process, so that your employees can get up and running with 1TRACKER, and your company can realize the benefits and advantages of the application. For customer support, contact us toll free at 1-877-APPZ-WEB (1-877-277-9932), between 9am and 6pm Pacific Standard Time (PST), Monday-Friday, (statutory holidays excluded) , or send an email to

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